Plant Based Lifestylediet
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What Makes Up Our Lifestyle Coaching?

Are you sick and don't know where to begin to truly Change your Lifestyle?  Are you fighting chronic disease like diabetes 2, heart disease or cancer?  Are you receiving or undergoing Chemo Therapy, radiation or surgery for cancer? Do you just want to stay well and NOT get seriously sick again?  DO you need to lose weight but can never seem to stick to a diet? Do you want to embrace the Plant Based Lifestylediet and gain all the benefits but don't understand how to truly get started?

If you are sick or recovering from treatments like chemo or recovering from surgery and want to rebuild your immune system we can help train you and get you started. Sometimes you just need someone to talk with who truly understands what you are going through and the stresses and trauma with which you must cope.  We have been there and overcome that.

Coaching & Lifestyle Support

A Health/Lifestyle coach helps You follow your doctors’ directives to prevent, manage, or reverse disease or illness and bring about habit/lifestyle changes in order to deal with health/wellness challenges. Lifestyle and Habit change is where, as your health coach, we offer value in the healthcare marketplace.  We spend the TIME with you that your doctor or healthcare professionals cannot give.  We offer a focus on Health through Nutrition that your healthcare professional just never received during their training.  In many cases this will reduce or eliminate your need for pharmaceutical drugs as your health improves naturally.

This aspect of our Lifestyle approach is first finding out what issues you have.  Providing someone who will Listen first and never try to tell you what to do!  That never works, just like dieting never, ever works.

We want to understand why you think you need a Lifestyle Coach in the first place!  Yes, we will let you know if we don't think you do!  On the other hand, the reason you contacted us in the first place was because of your perceived need for assistance.

Most Americans and others who follow a Standard American Deadly Diet (SADD) find themselves over weight, lethargic and on hosts of meds. These medications, prescribed by doctors, are mostly to treat lifestyle diseases; caused in part by your Lifestyle.  Diabetes 2, Heart Disease, Cancer and more are caused by a failed immune system and that in turn, is the result of lousy nutrition!

We want to help YOU change that and begin to Live a more Plant-Based Lifestyle.  This new Lifestyle will be easy for some and more difficult for others to adopt.  That is where our Coaching and encouragement comes into play.

We work With You to help guide you to an approach that fits your current demands of job, family and life challenges.  Everyone is different and not one lifestyle fits everyone.  That is why we Listen and work With You to help the adjustment process take hold so it will last the rest of Your Life!

Skip offers his personal experience in dealing with Cancer and other personal challenges in the health area to those who may also be facing the, often daunting, issues involved with health and wellness.  Skip also applies his degree in Psychology during his health and wellness counseling sessions to ease his clients into a new lifestyle and begin the journey to health and wellness.  His degree in Behavioral Psychology from the University of Houston,  provides an excellent background in his Lifestyle Counseling practice.

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Beginning a Healthy Lifestyle Approach


Skip & Nancy have been leading a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle for over 14 years; making a dramatic change upon hearing of Skip's diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.  As big meat and dairy consumers, it was a drastic but mostly overnight change.

How did it go?  Well it was a significant adjustment for sure, but the Changes happened quickly. Following a relatively short detoxification process, Skip & Nancy began to drop accumulated weight, started feeling 'better' overall and found they had more energy than ever.

Both Skip and Nancy had careers that had them traveling the globe and that energetic lifestyle was renewing itself.  Now after over ten years living a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle and having adopted a much more energetic lifestyle, Skip & Nancy found a love of hiking and outdoors adventure and formed another company, Road Tripping USA, that focuses on road travel across the USA.

Benefits of a Plant Based Lifestyle & Nutrition

A Whole Foods Plant-Based Lifestyle includes a powerful way to enjoy Whole Food Plant Based Cuisine. We would first advise that if you are on any medications, your doctors should be advised so they may monitor any medications. This Lifestyle approach often reduces or eliminates the need for many currently prescribed medications.

This is NOT a diet; they never work.  This is a Lifestyle, a way of living for the rest of your life.  It is Fun and provides an infinite variety of delicious foods and active experiences to keep you motivated and moving for the rest of your life!

It is NEVER too late to begin.  Whether young or old, changing to a more active and plant based lifestyle will improve your health, invigorate your mind/body/spirit and lengthen your life so you can enjoy it to the fullest.  Avoiding sickness and disease is a side benefit to this lifestyle.  You will seldom be sick and you will be able to avoid the pitfalls of the Standard American Lifestyle and Diet.

A Whole Foods Plant Based Lifestyle is focused on a way of eating that is low in fat, has zero cholesterol and is high in fiber as well as being nutrient dense which provides a substantial amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals throughout the day. One may experience renewed energy and less fatigue that so many people experience throughout a normal workday.

Scientific studies have shown that a Plant Based Lifestyle and nutrition may lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure and benefit in weight loss (if needed). The results of a plant based diet include improved elimination, improved sleep and improved immune system response, all of which lead to a healthier, more vital life and one which often prevents common disease.

Your Assessment

We would talk to you (and your family if desired) to ascertain your current lifestyle, what you eat and current state of your health. If you wish to disclose them, your medical records would be helpful. Your most recent blood work/analysis would be very helpful. While not required, this information is important to an overall assessment of your current health.

Goals & Objectives

As with any project, setting of goals and objectives are critical to success. This will help establish a baseline from which to judge your progress and to determine progress towards your goals. This is a process and a journey. We want to establish new habits and modalities you will use the rest of your life!

Get your best health ever
Boost immunity
Get energized
Improved personal life and outlook
Lose weight naturally and easily
Overcome digestive discomforts and problems
Lower cholesterol and blood pressure
Avoid life-threatening illnesses like cancer, heart disease, diabetes 2 and more
Reverse a current lifestyle disease like diabetes 2, heart disease and even cancer
Sleep better

Lifestyle Practices – First Steps

Five Day Reset Challenge – Detox Program - To kick-start your new Lifestyle, we have developed a five day detox program to purge toxins from your body. A periodic regime, based on need and environment, can be an important factor in maintaining your vibrant health.

Cleaning out our pantry - Eliminating unhealthy food choices (high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, unhealthy additives) is key to beginning a healthier lifestyle.

Understanding food labelsLearning the meaning of food labeling and avoiding overly processed foods (saturated fats, high sodium, sugar, GMO ingredients (soy, corn, cottonseed and corn oils), additives and soda consumption).

Grocery Shopping learning to navigate around your grocery stores for choosing healthier food options.
Importance of hydrationDrinking sufficient water to maintain your hydration levels. When you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

Importance of Exercise Moderate exercise (30 minutes a day) is key in maintaining healthy circulation of bodily fluids. Walking and other exercises can be fun and easy.

How to BeginIntroduction into the foods groups that make up a plant-based diet. Whole grains, beans and legumes, vegetables, greens, fruits, nuts and seeds.

Training – Putting Discussion into Action

Lifestyle Cooking Classes

Most people just don't cook. Either they don't know how or avoid it because of the belief that it is somehow too time consuming or difficult. We show you that it is NOT the case at all. In fact cooking is one of the best ways to understanding your food and nutrition. It is fun and can save you loads of money!

We will offer you a series of classes tailored to your specific needs, goals and objectives. These classes are typically ½ day lesson where you will learn that there are delicious and nutritious ways to prepare meals that won't break the bank.

Exercise Program

Moving is key to keeping your body healthy. We aren't talking about marathon running; although that is fine if you enjoy it. We will review what you enjoy and help/encourage you to expand your level of activity.

We can help you select a suitable exercise program that you will enjoy; because if you don't enjoy it, you will never DO it!

We usually recommend a beginning program of Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong or other moderate stretching program that keeps you moving. Walking (fast paced) is also high on our preferred list. Hiking for more advanced walkers can be a wonderful adventure to see the glories of Nature.  Exercise is also a key to a better night's sleep!
What We Charge

Our Lifestyle Training fees are based upon our training, formal education and experience living a fully Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle for over 10 years.  Skip received his degree in Psychology from the University of Houston and Nancy received her Nutritional Training from Cornel University and her Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition.  We have written several books on this and other subjects and use them as a key component in our training.

We do not follow a scripted program but taylor our work to YOUR Needs. Everyone is different and everyone has different backgrounds, food and lifestyle preferences. We try to blend our Lifestyle Training to fit with your background and requirements.  Wether you are suffering from heart disease, cancer, diabetes 2 or other ailment or just want to lose some weight and NOT get sick, we will work with you.

Saving you money at the grocery store, eliminating prescription drugs and helping you increase your energy are all components of our Lifestyle Training.  We know everyone has different resources and ability to pay but we just can't afford to do this for free any longer. Therefore our basic charge is $85.00 per hour.  Depending on need and situation, we work together and/or separately; often dealing with family counseling matters.  We also offer our basic introduction and Plant Based Nutrition Counseling.

Remote Support

We can bring our Lifestyle Coaching program ANYWHERE, we will virtually come to you.  Skip is a lifestyle counselor who will work to get you started on the right path to Health & Wellness.  Certified Plant Based Chef and Author, Chef Nancy, will help guide you how to prepare easy, delicious meals. You can work in Your OWN Home Kitchen and with Chef Nancy's guidance, prepare delicious home cooked Whole Food Plant Based meals for you and your family.

We will adapt our on-site personal coaching program to work with you remotely; that means you can live anywhere on the planet that has suitable internet access.  What a World!

We can even come with you when you go shopping, work in your kitchen and look into and make recommendations to help you organize and stock your pantry.  All you need is your cell smart phone!

While we prefer to visit at your home, we understand that those expenses can add up, so we now offer a remote version of our in-home services.

Why not give Skip a call NOW and receive a Free 15 minute counseling/listening session to see if we can help You begin your journey into a New, more Vibrant, Healthy Lifestyle!  We can arrange a video call as well; just ask.
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